Dresden Files: Cooperative Card Game

We really enjoy Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series, so we were excited when we heard there was a game with that license coming out. That excitement only increased when we learned it was going to be cooperative as that is a type of game that we really enjoy. The Dresden Files cooperative card game is a really tight game that plays differently than most other card games.

Each player selects a character to play and collectively players choose which of the stories included they want to try to complete. Once players draw their starting cards (depends on the number of players) then you will likely only draw one or two more cards through the entire game. So players need to be very conservative in how they use the cards that they had drawn.

Every card has a set number of fate it costs to play. Players can also discard those cards in order to get some of that fate back. But remember, cards are a very tight resource so you don’t want to discard too many. In order to win the game, players need to solve more of the mysteries than there are bad guys left on the board once all of the cards have been played.

To add both some variability and the essence of luck in how successful Dresden has been in his investigating there are also some fudge dice that you use occasionally throughout the game. Dice can often make a game very swingy but fudge dice only have three different results possible (-1, 0, +1).

The few times we have played the game it has been pretty difficult. While it can still be somewhat punishing to win the game, it winds up being a great fun trying to figure out how to interact with the story cards in the board to get a victory.