Time's Up!

Party games aren’t everyone’s favorite.  I’ve seen people cringe whenever a party game is brought out.  However, some occasions call for a party game--they are easy to learn, accessible to everyone, have endless replayability, and great for large groups of people.  So when you’ve played every party game in your grandma’s closet, and Cards Against Humanity isn’t an option; give Time’s Up a try.

Time’s Up lasts three rounds, with teams guessing the names of famous and infamous people--real and fictional.  Points are earned by the number of cards each team has at the end of each round, with the team with the highest number of points at the end of the third round the winner.  Round one allows players to say anything, other than part of the name, to help their teammates guess.  Round two is similar but only one word can be spoken.  The last round is charades, with members acting out the names in the deck and hoping their teammates can guess the name.

There is no way, unless you have a perfect memory, of remembering all the people in the stack.  Even if you could, sometimes the high pressure nature of trying to guess, and guess right, will cause hilarious brain farts.  For example, one game we used Wolverine as the shorthand clue to help guess Hugh Jackman.  This was great, except several team members kept guessing Wolverine during the charade round instead of the actual actor name.  What happens then is through guessing and game playing the teams develop their own clues for guessing during the second and third rounds and the game becomes more and more hilarious for everyone playing.

This game has quickly become a Platypus favorite.  It's fun for everyone to play, and doesn’t require you to intimately know the people you are playing with, trivia, or have expert drawing skills.  Time’s Up will probably be a game we bring to parties for many year to come.