Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the simpler games in our game library, but still is a lot of fun. Six different casinos are laid out on the board, each with a silly reference to real Las Vegas casinos. Then each of the casinos is given money and that is what the players are trying to acquire to win the game.

On each turn a player will roll all of their available dice, starting with all eight, and group them by the number rolled on each dice. Then they need to decide which group to place out on the board. If they decide on a group they need to put all of the dice of that number in that casino. They are not allowed to only place a few of them. In order to win the money in a casino they need to have the most dice on it when everyone is out of dice.

Once all of the dice have been rolled you go from casino to casino giving the largest dollar amount card to the player who had the most dice and the second card to the player with the second most amount of dice and so forth. However, if two players are tied in a casino they are both removed from contention so sometimes even with a small number of dice you can still win.

The interaction between players vying for these different casinos means that the game really needs at least four players to shine. Anything less than that and you wind up having to use variant mechanics to have a ghost player which makes a simple game more complicated than it should be.

After three rounds the player with the most money wins. This normally only takes thirty minutes making this game a great filler between longer games or if you just want to have fun with a larger group of people!