Top 100: #99 La Isla

It's not everyday that I enjoy making agonizing choices. There were lots in making this list! But I really like trying to make choices in La Isla. Each round you will have to three cards to do very different things with. But which card to use for each function is where the difficult choices begin!


The three things you are doing with your cards are giving yourself a special power, collecting resources, and modifying the point value of one of the animals that the players are trying to collect by placing their pawns on the board. Choosing your special power can sometimes be super easy because lots of them are great - and if they set up with another you already have then all the better! After the third round you are going to have to start replacing special powers with new ones though which is also a tough decision!

Collecting resources is one of the other functions of the cards and those resources are used to put explorers on the board. You need a pair of resources matching the location you want to place on in order to put down the pawn. But what if you need the resources from a card with an awesome special power?! When you do place adventurers down you have a chance of collecting an animal chip which gives you points at the end of the game based on its place on the point value track. And that's what you do with your third card, increase the point value of one of the animals. Hopefully one that you have or plan to have lots of chips in!

La Isla is great in that with a small board and a deck of cards it gives an endless source of decisions to be made. And once you get deeper into the game there are even advanced cards with more intricate powers on them to make the decisions even more fun!