Flying Kiwis

We love deep strategy games to figure out how to manipulate the game within the rules for the best score. However, sometimes we just want a silly game of complete chaos. Most people from our name know we have a soft spot for animals in the area surrounding Australia. So when we heard that there was a game called Flying Kiwis we were on board!


Players have little ramps with a elastic band that they will be repeatedly using to launch discs with illustrated kiwis into the box. The goal of the game is to get either a row of 4 or a 2 by 2 square into the spaces of the box. But the trick is everyone is launching their kiwis at the same time. Sometimes they run into each other in the middle of the air. You can get super close to winning then someone will cover up one of your kiwis!

All of the kiwis are cutely illustrated on their discs. And the trick of using the box as both the means to carry it as well as the game board makes it even more fun. It isn’t the most thoughtful of games but sometimes we love just sending the kiwis on the first flight of their lives!