Join Imhotep in building some of Egypt's greatest monuments while you are playing a game of … Imhotep. Using large tactile blocks you will try to get the most points by the end of the game using the five different scoring mechanisms. In the normal version of the game you are building pyramids, obelisks, temples, and crypts and lastly collecting relics.


Each round there will be four different boats prepared for sailing. Since there are five different locations, one of them will not get visited each round. Turns move quickly while playing as you only take one action on your turn and there aren’t that many to choose from. You can place one of your stones on a boat with room. You can sail a boat to one of the unoccupied locations if the boat is full enough. Lastly, you can get more stone from your quarry if you are running low.

When placing stones on a boat, the order can be important. You don’t always want to be offloaded first. However, if the boat sails to a port earlier than you think, it might mess up your great plans. The ports all do different things but they all help you get points at end of the game.


One place gets you cards so different things, special actions, immediate bonuses, or set collection for end game scoring. The rest of the locations you are building various structures. Building a pyramid gets you immediate points based on where your stone wound up. The temple is scored by whoevers stone is on top at the end of the round. The last two are just endgame points. The players get points based on how tall  your obelisk stands. Lastly, the burial chamber gets you points by having adjacent stones.

That might sound more complicated than we meant it to, but the game goes quite quickly since there aren’t too many choices to take on your turn. While you are playing the game it becomes more and more visually appealing, as well since structures are being built with the large chunky blocks.