Do you like solving mazes? What about if they are constantly changing? If both of those sound interesting you should give one of our family friendly titles, Labyrinth, a try. Each player has a small deck of treasures that they are trying to collect before the other players. The only problem is there might not be a clear path for your character to walk to get to your current goal.


On your turn you will take the one extra piece that is currently outside the maze and slide it into one of the slots on the side of the board, which will push all of the other tiles in that row until a different tile falls off. After doing so you move your pawn as far as you can in the direction of your goal. Hopefully as far as you can go is all the way to it! After you finish moving you just give the new extra tile to the next player in turn order and go round and round until someone has gotten all their treasures!

With such simple rules Labyrinth is very accessible for all ages. Easy enough for smaller kids to enjoy while also allowing for adults to not only use the tiles to get ahead in the game but also to make it more difficult for their opponents to reach their goal as well.