Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

Do you think you can beat the great Sherlock Holmes?. In Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective you have the chance to solve ten cases and given free reign to follow the leads wherever they might take you. Think you can crack the case with a few bits of evidence, a map of London, copies of the most recent newspaper, and a phone book?

All cases start off with a narration setting up the background of the case.  Then investigators decide where  to go or who  to talk to using the map or the phone book to discover where to go. If the location has any relevant information to the case it will be included in the storybook with some narrative to be read aloud. Hopefully players will find new threads to follow in the quest for the truth!

Unfortunately, sometimes you can accidentally visit  scenes in the out of order but that is quite rare. Most of the time cases progress exactly as they are meant to with suspicious activities happening at the various sites you visit. And while I might be a little bias, there is a chance one of the locations has a platypus - which by default makes this one of the better games in existence.

The game is over once the team has decided they have all the clues and want to solve the case by answering questions in the back of the storybook.  . Questions pertain both the the main case and to other events  happening in the background.Cases are rarely clear cut, so you will have to use powers of deduction to figure out the correct answers. Once the team has answered the questions there is more story defining how Sherlock Holmes solved the case. This narrative is generally greeted with cheers or groans depending on if you managed to avoid the many red herrings.

Sherlock Holmes is closer to an activity than a game.. There is a scoring system but the groups I have played it with lean more towards having fun with the story instead of being too overly concerned with scoring. For an example, when playing with librarians, it seems like we always have to check the library to see if they have any important information in regards to the case.

If you have ever played the “How to Host a Murder” series, this would give a similar feel. Although instead of having to play a role all players are working together making the game more accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, there are only 10 cases available from the publisher,  but if you finish and want more there are many fan made cases to be found on the internet and an expansion is due for release in 2017.  Or you can continue the adventure by writing your own!