Review: Concept


Designed by Alain Rivollet and Gaëtan Beaujannot

Plays 2 - Infinity Players

There are many party games where you use various methods to get players to guess an answer from a card. Using motions, faces, clues, or drawing one player tries to get other players to guess the answer. Concept takes this premise further while removing the need of being good at acting or artistry. Instead players use a large board of concepts and images to try and get friends and family to guess what they are thinking.

The game play is simple. One player, or a team, draw a card and selects one of the nine answers listed. It is now their task to get all the other players to guess the answer. Players use the included plastic pieces and icons on the board, without any acting or talking. Examples of some of the concepts on the board are movie, person, old, young, blue, food, etc.

There are three different types of pieces you can use on the board. The main idea – the one you are trying to get players to guess – is generally represented by the green question mark. If you were trying to get the players to guess “platypus” you would likely put that on the animal icon.   There are also green cubes you can use to further define the main idea like the color or other feature. Also included are exclamation points in different colors with related cubes. These exclamation marks are placed on the board to state something related to the answer. Related ideas would be something like where it lives or what it eats.

When another player or team guesses the answer they get two points and the team that was giving the clues gets one point. Like many other party games, it is often more fun to play without keeping score. Although scoring points are included in the box for those that want to keep score.

Concept is a great party game because it isn’t dependent on players being good at acting or drawing. Also because the game doesn't rely on those talents more players will enjoy and feel comfortable playing. Concept is simple, easy to learn, and always brings laughs as players try to follow the thought process of the clue giver.