Review: Incan Gold

Incan Gold  , Plays 3 – 8, ages 6 and up, Designed by Bruno Faidutti and Alan R. Moon.

Incan Gold, Plays 3 – 8, ages 6 and up, Designed by Bruno Faidutti and Alan R. Moon.


A band of adventurers have found a ziggurat of the Incan Empire filled with countless gems and artifacts. Unfortunately, as time has passed, the tunnels have become full of perilous dangers like fire, rock slides, spiders, and even mummies! As one of the adventurers you will try to plunder more Incan riches than the other players.

The game is played with each player deciding whether or not they would like to adventure deeper into the tunnels. Each player who continues will split the gems on the revealed card unless it is a hazard. Each time the team runs across a hazard it becomes more and more dangerous to continue. Once an adventurer experiences two of the same hazard they flee in fright leaving behind all of their loot!

Any treasure not equally divided among the players is left on the table, up for grabs by any player heading back to camp.  Doing this can reap great rewards if you are the only adventurer to return when there are lots of gems on the table. This is also the only way to get riches back into your tent. Those that stay in the temple past their welcome don’t collect any gems that round!


After five rounds of exploring the ziggurat trying to collect Incan treasure the game ends and players compare how well they made out in their quest for treasure. Depending on how quickly people suffer from hazards or leave the temple the game plays fairly quickly. At the longest Incan Gold can take 30 minutes.

If your group is looking for a light quick game with a strong press your luck mechanic this is one of the better ones. However, if you have players that are going to be frustrated with a lack of any real strategy you might want to avoid this title or only play it between those longer heavier games!

A simple and enjoyable filler game.

3 out of 4 Platypus Flippers