Review: Qwirkle Cubes

qwirkle cubes box.jpg

The original Qwirkle (Read that review here) is one of the best fillers our group has played, so when Qwirkle Cubes was released we decided to give it a try and see if it added new and exciting twists to a game we all enjoyed.  Unfortunately, although it did change the game considerably, it did so in a negative way.

The main difference between Qwirkle Cubes and its predecessor is instead of tiles with one unique side you have cubes (essentially dice) with all six of the different shapes but all sides are the same color. Everyone still has six cubes in their hand, but unlike in Qwirkle, they are open for other people to see what you have.

When you draw cubes from the bag and once at the start of each turn you can roll some or all of your cubes to try to get a different shape to be showing.  Since each cube is a single color and has all the different shapes this leads to players creating rows on the board based on color more often than shape. The other problem this causes is that when a color row is one cube away from being completed every player will save cubes of that color and just hope every round to roll the right shape.

Somehow having tiles that can change from round to round instead of bringing more options to each turn, seems to reduce them as players struggle to get the highest scoring hand. Also the knowledge of everyone else’s hands means most players play more defensively and constricts the board.

If you are looking for a fun tile laying game; stick with the original classic Qwirkle and have lots of fun.


1 out of 4 Platypus Flippers