Review: Say Anything

Say Anything

Designed by Dominic Crapuchettes and Satish Pillalamarri

Play time 30 minutes

Allows 3 - 8 players

Say Anything is a party game that allows players to show creativity, originality, and fun to a universal game. One player reads a random question off of a card then other players write what they think the answer is on a small dry erase board. This ability for unique answers brings lots of replayability and originality compared to other party games.

At the start of a turn one player (the judge) reads a question that always begins with “In my opinion.” All other players write their answers and put them in the middle of the table.  Once all the players have written their answers the judge uses the Select-o-matic 5000 to lock in which answer they think is the best. All the other players then bet on which answer they think the judge selected, even if it was someone else’s answer. Points are given based on which answer was picked and how many people picked it. However, the fun of the game isn’t winning but seeing what fun original answers people provide.

There are many party games that are very scripted. In those other games the players have a hand of cards they select from and sometimes none of them seem to work for the situation. Say Anything allows players to always give a unique answer. Some of the biggest laughs are from the most ridiculous answers or from those that come from inside jokes that simply aren’t possible in other party games. If you are looking for a social game to play with family or friends Say Anything is a great game. It can be as family friendly or as inappropriate as the players want it to be making it great for every audience.