Review: 7 Wonders

7 Wonders

Designer: Antoine Bauza

Players: 2 – 7

Playing Time: 30 minutes

The wonders of the world are waiting to be built.  Can you build the most impressive city of all the other players?  The resources and knowledge of the different ages are available for everyone – you must decide which you want or which you want to keep from your opponents.  It is up to you to decide to trade with or attack your neighbors.

At the beginning players choose to play as one of seven ancient cities. Each starting board is different and effects possible strategies and starting resources. Each person is dealt a hand of seven cards, players choose one, and then pass the other cards to the next player.  Turns are comprised of either playing the card (for its cost), use it to construct part of your wonder, or discard it for gold.

Game components laid out

Game components laid out

Player interaction continues past the card drafting mechanic into the trading and military strength. To draft a card from your current hand players use the resources that your city currently produces. If you don’t have those available you can give gold to your neighbors to use their resources. Military might is checked at the end of age. Players compare their strength to their neighbors and if they are mightier they earn victory points and weaker players receive penalties to their victory points.

Once all three ages have been completed players total their scores. The game comes with scoring sheets to make scoring easier. Some buildings give victory points, others are based on accumulating sets, and most of the wonders also grant points. The scoring sounds complicated but once played it becomes quite intuitive.

7 wonders is at its core a simple drafting game with many different strategies. However, you need to be mindful of what strategies other players are using or they might be able to run away with the game.  With how simple it is to learn in only a few games new players will be on even footing with expert players. This makes 7 wonders a drafting game with an easy learning curve and simple but strategic gameplay.